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Find out more about the events we will be attending to put on monster truck shows, as well as the dates of our own Monster Madness NZ spectacular events. Whichever event or show you plan to attend, you’ll experience the thrills and excitement of our big monster trucks Big Bruvva and Lil Toe being driven by fearless and highly skilled stunt drivers. Book your ticket today.

Disclaimer: All stunts are performed by trained professionals. Do not try this anytime, anywhere, or for any reason.


14 November 2020

Air Force Museum Wigram
Registration for Trucks, Motorcycles, Cars $15.
Public entry
Adults – $10
Children – $5 (5 to 12 years old)
Come have fun and See Big Bruvva and Lil Toe.
Plus games for the kids
See you there.😃😃


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